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Recruit agents all over the country

Agents to join conditions

A condition, regional dealers
1 has credibility based, identity based management idea and development goals, is willing to work with the company hand in hand, jointly explore the market;
2 in the agent area has certain relationships and related resources, regional market analysis report, are part of the customer; Familiar with air filter, hvac and central air conditioning and clean room products, can be 100% focused on operating;
3 has its own stores or malls a certain area of the shop position, must be independent enterprise or individual to undertake the civil liability;
4 familiar with central air conditioning and air filter installation technology, for customers to use scene demonstration;
5 with professional dedication and good service consciousness, in the case of customer's requirement, the agent to provide the corresponding services for local customers and support;
6 has the ability of market development plan and implementation plan, can cooperate with the company to carry out marketing activities;
7 actively expand the regional market, to complete the basic targets of company rules;
8 comply with headquarters management specification, supervise the training headquarters, has the good to provide customers with the consciousness of service and support, maintain the brand reputation, obey the unified management.
Second, the agent is responsible for the items:
1 establish archives for dealers and management, agent shall promptly report to the company the local sales and market prediction, so that our company adjust product structure;
2 using all direct and indirect channels to promote JAF air filter products, regular feedback to the company product sales information and market information;
3 agents order must be issued an order plan in advance, for headquarters in a timely manner to the agent stock, delivery;
4 agents for the sales of products and after-sales service obligation for engineering contracting business, the company's technical service personnel should cooperate to do a good job of after-sales service;
5 no matter under what circumstances, the agent and the business personnel will be made to the company's business a positive, positive publicity and guidance, strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the commercial secret, do a good job JAF company information and customer information confidential;
6 agents all non-business personnel must be familiar with air filter, the relevant professional knowledge and business personnel to maintain a unified, jointly safeguard the agent itself and the company's business image;
7 the agent shall timely handling of customer complaints and Suggestions, and be submitted to the company for the record. Ensure after-sales service contact; Such as telephone number changes, inform the relevant person in charge of the company;
8 agents to expand business in terms of product publicity, based on the principle of true, the good faith, shall not, without exaggeration, more have to reflect product performance;
9 agents in a timely manner to product promotion planning scheme, propaganda way, promotional products, such as to the company for examination and approval, at the same time related publicity materials shall be submitted to the company for the record management.
Three, the current demand agents area: in north China, central China, northeast China, the northwest region.