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Medium Efficiency Filter Series

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Bag Type Medium Effect Filter

Detailed Introduction

The filter medium selected for the bag type medium efficiency filter is better than the traditional filter material, especially for the sub-micron (>1μm) dust which cannot be effectively filtered by the traditional filter material, and the filtering effect is particularly good. At the same time, the material used in the filter material has a special structure, high gas permeability, avoiding the occurrence of dust flying, and saving the number of times of replacing the filter and reducing the cost.

The advantage of the bag type medium efficiency filter is that it adopts the ultrasonic method, has good air tightness and bonding strength, and does not affect the filtration efficiency under high pressure environment, and can ensure the environmental quality. The bag-type medium-efficiency filter is mainly made of aluminum-zinc material, which makes the product have a stable and strong appearance. Each filter bag is fixed with a metal strip, and the strip can prevent the filter bag from being at a high wind speed. When it is broken by the force of wind cutting, the product has a highly stable filtration efficiency.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

First of all, this electrostatic filter material has a more advantageous filtration efficiency than the conventional filter material, especially for the sub-micron which cannot be effectively filtered by the conventional filter material.

  1. Design features: capture 1-5μm particle dust and various suspended solids

  2. High dust holding capacity

  3. Low resistance

  4. Good air permeability

  5. High filtration efficiency

  6. Long service life

  7. Uses: air filtration system filtration, clean room Clean Coom secondary filtration, hospital, pharmaceutical, electronics factory, spray booth high clean air requirements grade filtration system, general building air filtration equipment, high efficiency filter pre-stage filtration .

  8. Frame: aluminum or stainless steel, zinc iron

  9. Filter material: synthetic fiber

  10. EN779 level: 35%, 45%, 65%, 85%, 95%

  11. Temperature resistance100℃

  12. Humidity100%


  1. Filtration system for electronics, pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries

  2. Adapted to occasions with high dust concentration

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