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Corporate social responsibility, is to know what you're doing, and to do so. The existence of a team, not only to its own survival. If can only feed yourself, then the existence of the team just doesn't make any sense to the society.

Corporate social responsibility refers to the enterprise a responsibility attitude to society, refers to the social responsibility of enterprises facing, reflect the way includes paid and unpaid contribution to the society, form of funding, donations, the building of capital contribution by the enterprise, or disaster material donation, of course, there are many types of form, in this is differ a list!

The existence of an enterprise, not only to make money as the only goal. Besides making money, the enterprise should also serve the society, creating culture, provide employment opportunity, the high quality products and services at the lowest price for partners. These are the enterprise should have goals, also can saying is the mission of the enterprise. If an enterprise from the management to the ordinary employees can form such a sense of responsibility, then the enterprise will eventually have greater development. Carefully study the world famous enterprise, we will find that any enterprise is not to profit for their own supreme mission, most of them to serve the society, the benefit of human, change life, lofty mission as a core of enterprise culture.

The sense of responsibility is not only enterprise, all the things ultimately fulfil each staff body. The sense of mission is the eternal power of employees. Work definitely is not only a tool of earning a living, even if is a very ordinary work, is an indispensable to social work as well.

A great team is not due to the great certain members of the team, but they are great as a collective. When the team's achievements to the heart of admiration, each member of the team will form a sense of honor in the heart, proud of the team, is proud of themselves as a member of the team. At the same time, the sense of honor and formed a strong sense of responsibility, encourage team members to use practical actions to maintain the honor of the team and dignity.

China has a saying: "the world rise and fall, fortunes." The other words is that everyone should have a kind of sense of responsibility to the state and society. As a member of the society, all the behavior of the responsible for society and the country, it is to be at the very least. At the same time, a person responsible for yourself, to family responsible for, responsible for the work, responsible for the company, responsible for the society, finally also responsible to society, to form a corporate social responsibility.

Personal heroism has won't work in today's society, the 21st century by the team. A good team, to be successful; Every job must be organized, planned, clear division of labor, coordination with each other. Individual is just a part of the team, the individual to achieve greater achievements, must rely on the power of the team. When a staff their own goals and enterprise team together, enterprise team to go beyond the confines of the personal, play to the collective synergy, which produce the effect of 1 + 1 > 2. This is the staff's sense of responsibility, it can arouse the enterprise staff's work enthusiasm and team spirit, in order to achieve the stated goals of the enterprise. Achieve the social responsibility of the enterprise.