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Household Purifier Filter Series

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Household Air Conditioning System Filter Products

Detailed Introduction

The household air conditioner filter series products can effectively prevent dust from accumulating in the indoor unit, without affecting ventilation, and will not reduce the working efficiency of the air conditioner. After using the product, the indoor unit of the air conditioner will not leak. It has a good protection for the air conditioner that is shut down. The household air conditioner filter can effectively guarantee the quality of the indoor air and is extremely beneficial to the health of the human body.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

  1. Effective prevention of dust

  2. Long service life and ideal filtration

  3. Various non-standard sizes can be produced according to user requirements.


Mainly used in household air conditioners and purifiers, it can provide fresh air to people at any time, ensuring the quality of indoor air and providing a guarantee for human health.

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