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Activated Carbon Filter Cotton

Detailed Introduction

Activated carbon fiber filter cotton is a high-quality powdered coconut shell activated carbon based on the new polypropylene fiber filter material. It is made by attaching it to a fiber substrate by using a polymer bonding material. It has good adsorption performance, good formability, high strength and low airflow resistance. The coconut shell activated carbon undergoes a special "activation treatment" (so-called "activation treatment" refers to a significant increase in the porosity of the activated carbon during the production of the activated carbon, resulting in an increase in specific surface area and a stronger adsorption capacity).

Regular size: 1*20m, 1.2*20m, thickness 3-20mm

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

Product features: light weight, soft handfeel, good elasticity, low resistance, good air permeability, etc. It has excellent antibacterial, anti-mildew, moisture absorption and odor removal effects.


Activated carbon fiber filter cotton is mainly used in the field of special air filtration for purifying air. It strongly adsorbs the odor, odor and dust and pollen particles floating in the air. It has good filtering effect, fast adsorption speed and additional sterilization. Features. It can be widely used to treat VOC gases such as benzene, phenols and aldehydes such as toluene and xylene, filtration and impurity adsorption. Mainly used in household air conditioning, automotive air conditioning, air purifiers and other fields.

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