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FFU(Fan Filter Unit)

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FFU Fan Filter Product Display 9

Detailed Introduction

The outer casing of FFU fan filter unit adopts fan filter net, cold-rolled steel plate sprayed plastic and stainless steel plate material. The voltage/current that can be withstood is single item 220V/50HZ, and the output power used during operation is 115W. The unique low vibration and low noise make it popular with many consumers. In new clean rooms, clean workshops or renovations, it can improve the cleanliness level, reduce noise and reduce vibration, and greatly reduce the cost.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:


  1. Clean room without dust

  2. Clean shed

  3. Manufacturing room

  4. Semiconductor and liquid crystal display manufacturers can be used in all industries with clean rooms, especially in the areas of 10, 100, 1000, 10,000, 100,000, etc., and a large number of places.

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