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Household Purifier Filter Series

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Household Air Conditioning Filter

Detailed Introduction

The purifier filter series products can absorb and inhibit and kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, etc. The filter material is composed of multiple layers of cross-vertical waveforms, and has double-sided steel strips for strong support, which can increase its robustness. At the time of production, the inner and outer apertures of each layer are different in size, blocking different sizes of debris, and has an extremely long service life.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

  1. The equipment is made of metal material, light in weight, easy to install and beautiful in appearance.

  2. The equipment has superior sealing and leakage prevention

  3. The surface of the filter material is specially smoothed

  4. The outer frame and filter material are easy to replace, easy to clean and reusable

  5. The initial resistance of the equipment is small and the dust holding capacity is large.

  6. The filter material is available in aluminum mesh, stainless steel mesh, non-woven fabric, fiber mesh, activated carbon filter, etc.


Mainly used in household air conditioners and purifiers, it can provide fresh air to people at any time, ensuring the quality of indoor air and providing a guarantee for human health.

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