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Detailed Introduction

HEPA (High Efficiency particular air filter) Chinese is a high-efficiency air filter that meets the HEPA standard filter. The efficiency of 0.1μm and 0.3μm is 99.7%. The HEPA net is characterized by air passing through, but fine particles cannot.

Filt Efficiency:

It has a particle removal efficiency of more than 99.97% for a diameter of 0.3 micron (1/200 of the hair diameter) and is the most effective filter medium for smoke, dust and bacteria.

Product Feature:

HEPA is divided into PP filter paper, glass fiber, composite PP PET filter paper, melt blown, polyester non-woven fabric and meltblown, glass fiber five materials

Features:: small wind resistance, large dust holding capacity, high filtration precision, can be processed into various sizes and shapes according to customer needs, suitable for different models.


HEPA is mainly used in household purifiers, household vacuum cleaners, and medical purifiers.

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