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Household Purifier Filter Series

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Household Air Conditioning Filter Products

Detailed Introduction

The purifier filter series products adopt nanobacterial materials with antibacterial action, which are mainly used to block large particles of dust and debris in use, and can be repeatedly used. The outer frame of the product is an aluminum alloy frame or a stainless steel frame, and a gold-aluminum small-aperture multi-layer folding net is built in.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

  1. The equipment is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, which is wear-resistant and easy to install.

  2. The equipment has superior sealing and leakage prevention

  3. The outer frame and filter material are easy to be replaced, easy to clean and reusable

  4. The initial resistance of the equipment is small and the dust holding capacity is large.

  5. Customized according to user needs


Mainly used in household air conditioners and purifiers, it can provide fresh air to people at any time, ensuring the quality of indoor air and providing a guarantee for human health.

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