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Activated Carbon Filter Series

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Activated Carbon Filter Product Display

Detailed Introduction

The activated carbon filter series products are widely used for air filtration in air-conditioned ventilation places. They have 100% surface adsorption capacity. The outer frame can be made of waterproof cardboard, galvanized iron frame or aluminum frame and stainless steel. It can deodorize, remove odor and purify under certain air volume. The environment has a good purification effect. Organic gases such as phenols, esters, alcohols, and aldehydes, or low-concentration, high-volume gases containing trace amounts of heavy metals can be purified.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:


1.Primary filtration of chemical and industrial ventilation and air conditioning systems

2.Purification and filtration of general indoor ventilation system

3.Primary filtration of household air conditioning purification equipment

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