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Medium Efficiency Filter Series

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Aluminum Frame Medium Effect Bag Filter

Detailed Introduction

Expanded filter bag filter with its unique mechanism design, stable and excellent filtration performance, optional size and filtration efficiency, widely used in clean room systems such as pharmaceutical, automotive, food and electronics industries, as well as general-purpose plants and Ventilation system for commercial buildings

Rugged and leak-proof frame structure, this product uses double U-shaped aluminum alloy and galvanized iron outer frame. The bag is opened by a supporting grille locked in the U-shaped frame, and the adjacent grille presses the bag tightly. And the special knot is tightly locked to prevent the bag from falling off and damaged during the handling. All metal edges of the filter are rolled to avoid scratching the filter during installation and replacement, making operation easy and safe

Ultrasonic seamlessly fits. Ultrasonic suture technology, the bag is sealed on three sides and sealed with glue at the corner of the back of the empty house to ensure that the filter will not be damaged in the harsh working environment. The filter bag adopts a reinforcing grille to divide the bag into a uniform horizontal airflow passage, which is a stagnation of the stag to maximize the airflow, so that the airflow can be uniformly passed, thereby greatly improving the effective use area of the filter material and increasing the dust holding capacity of the filter. Quantity, also reduces the pressure of the filter

Filt Efficiency:





Product Feature:

  1. Sturdy metal frame construction, optional aluminum frame, galvanized iron

  2. High dust capacity, low resistance

  3. High quality fluffy multi-layer synthetic fiber filter paper

  4. Ultrasonic seamless bag structure


  1. Medium efficiency bag filter for clean return air system

  2. Pre-filtration of local high efficiency filtration device

  3. Office buildings, conference rooms, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and other large civil building ventilation and air conditioning systems

  4. Pre-filtration of central air conditioning and centralized ventilation systems in common industrial plants or clean rooms

  5. Medium-effect bag filter is used for pre-filtration of large air compressors, central unit

  6. Air filter products are widely used in electronic technology, medical and health, biological products, food and beverage, mechanical and electrical engineering equipment, precision instruments, metallurgical chemicals, painting, air conditioning, printing, environmental protection, etc.

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