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Kunshan united purification technology co., LTD

Is one specialized is engaged in the air

Mesh product research and development, production and sales enterprises



There are many different kinds of quality, better!

At the beginning of AF company, main products are: effect filter plate; Effect of bag filter; Plastic box v-type filter; HEPAFILTER no partition efficient filter; Efficient separator filter; Head fan unit; Disposable and replaceable type high efficiency filter; Activated carbon filter. Nylon net, etc.

The wide range of applications

All kinds of products are widely used in precision microelectronics industry, food, medicine, purification air-conditioning industry, advanced coating industry, etc. The company is committed to dust-free purification field, in the industry has a wealth of experience and strong technical strength.

High quality service, integrity first

AF factory is located in kunshan city, jiangsu province Zhang Pu town, since its inception to take the customer as the center of the value philosophy, commitment to provide users with professional clean air technology solutions marketing system, the core content of it include: professional and in-depth consulting planning, quality and integrity of the product cost performance and perfect the whole process of convenient services, it is the foundation of our secure a stable market growth. As purification and filtration industry one of the most important force in the active, united and independent global manufacturers domestic and international market competition, brand JAF held by us in the past, in the development process of won the general customers the recognition and specified