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Automatic Roller Blind Filter Cotton

Detailed Introduction

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

Roller blind air filter cotton product characteristics

  1. Synthetic Roller Blinds Air filter cotton is made of special synthetic fibers in a non-woven, gradual structure. With the characteristics of long fibers, the fiber has good strength and good elasticity, and does not cause the filter material to compress together due to the wind resistance, which affects the dust holding capacity. And it will not deform or cause fiber to fly under vibration and pulling.

  2. The contaminated filter is covered inside, and it is not only easy to replace, but also clean and hygienic when replacing. Roller blind air filter cotton has a long life and does not require frequent replacement of the filter screen, reducing replacement costs.

  3. The windward surface of the roller blind air filter cotton can be added with a square mesh to enhance the shaping. In addition to strengthening the filter material, it can guide the air to form a uniform laminar flow effect.


Roller blind air filter cotton is mainly used in automatic roll filtration systems such as automobile manufacturing plants, furniture factories, steel plants, plastic factories, petrochemical plants, etc., automatic rolling shutters for commercial buildings, underground railways, aviation roads, art galleries, hospitals, sewage treatment plants, etc. Filtration system, electronic industry air conditioning primary system filter.

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