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Metal Mesh Filter

Detailed Introduction

Metal mesh filter (double-called aluminum mesh filter or stainless steel mesh air filter and metal mesh net primary filter, etc.), the structure is composed of multi-level cross-corrugated corrugated aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh, because it is multi-level The structure is filtered, so the filtration area is increased; and the resistance is low, the cleaning can be repeated, and the economy is high; the outer frame is generally designed as an aluminum frame. The filter material is generally a metal wave mesh structure such as an aluminum mesh or a stainless steel mesh.

Filt Efficiency:

Uses: coarse dust filtration (for high temperature environment) air filtration system pre-filtration

Type: Flat metal mesh filter

Frame: galvanized steel, aluminum or stainless steel

Filter material: nylon mesh, aluminum mesh or stainless steel

Protection net: aluminum mesh or stainless steel mesh

EN 779 level: G2-G3

Average weight efficiency:65%-80%ASHRAE 52.1-1992

Minimum efficiency report value: MERV2-5 (ASHRAE 52.2-1999)

Final resistance: (recommended) 150Pa-250Pa

Maximum air volume: 125% of rated air volume

Temperature resistance: 250 ° C

Product Feature:

  1. Different specifications of the twisted filter mesh, staggered in the inner frame, reduce the gap of the aluminum mesh, for better filtration

  2. For acid-base or high temperature resistant environments, stainless steel frame and stainless steel twisted mesh are available.

  3. With large air volume, low resistance, reusable cleaning and long life


Metal mesh filter is used in central air conditioning range hoods and primary filtration, special acid, alkali or high temperature ventilation filtration

  1. Rough filter system for air conditioning in buildings

  2. Primary filtration of industrial air ventilation equipment

  3. Requires acid and alkali resistant, high strength, high temperature resistant ventilation system

  4. Spray room filtering in the car assembly shop

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