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High Temperature Resistant High Efficiency Filter

Detailed Introduction

The high temperature filter uses a diaphragm design. The corrugated baffle can accurately maintain the pleat spacing. With the least resistance, the filter material is used to the utmost. The filter media has 180 pleat pleated pleats on both sides, and the filter material has two indentations when bent. A clamshell pleat is formed at the rear end of the partition, and the clamshell pleat prevents the filter material from being damaged.

Production type: high temperature and high efficiency filter without separator, high temperature and high efficiency filter with partition, high temperature combined high efficiency filter, high temperature resistant ultra high efficiency filter, etc.

Filter material: H13-H14 glass fiber filter paper, U15-U17 US HV glass fiber filter paper

Frame material: optional aluminum profile frame, aluminum plate frame, galvanized frame, stainless steel frame below 250 °C; galvanized frame or stainless steel frame must be used above 250 °C;

Sealant strip: silica gel plate (250-280 ° C), polytetrafluoroethylene strip (350-400 ° C)

Filt Efficiency:

Customized according to customer's actual requirements

Product Feature:

This type of air filter uses a diaphragm design to prevent damage to the filter material.


Applicable to high-humidity environmental conditions such as infusion production in the pharmaceutical industry.

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