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Medium Efficiency Filter Series

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Frameless Bag Air Filter

Detailed Introduction

The frameless filter bag is made of ultra-fine synthetic fiber with high dust-collecting ability, high dust load and high gas permeability. There is a fixed partition between each filter bag, which successfully separates the bag spacing, enhances the strength of the filter bag and the average airflow, has a long service life and low cost, and can be washed with fiber cotton.

Product Size595*595*40*381mm-5P

Air volume3000m³/h

Product efficiencyG3G4F6

Initial resistance20pa25pa40pa

Filter material: non-woven filter material

Common sizemm:595*595595*495595*395595*295495*495484*484495*395495*295395*395395*295295*295

Common bag depthmm):381400500550600ect.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

Product features: high efficiency, large air volume, large dust holding capacity, long life, washable, low cost


Uses: Mainly filter dust of ≥5μm in the air. Widely used in microelectronics, hardware machinery, automobile manufacturing, furniture manufacturing, food processing, bio-pharmaceutical, precision instruments, aerospace, chemical, spray, hospital, optical photovoltaic, communications, nuclear power, public places (hotels, shopping malls, stadiums, Primary and intermediate filtration of central air conditioning fume hoods in swimming pools, theaters, concert halls, subway stations, high-speed rail stations, railway stations, airport terminals, etc.

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