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Primary Filter SeriesKunshan Jiahe Filter Technology Co., Ltd. was located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province near Shanghai. JAF is specialized in R&D, production and sales of air filter. The major products of the company including: primary efficient plate filter; medium effect package filter; V type filter with plastic frame, HEPAFILTER without partition; deep-pleat high efficiency filter; FFU fan unit; disposable and replaceable high-efficiency filter; activated carbon filter; nylon mesh, etc. Various primary, medium and high efficiency air filters and cleanroom-related purification equipment for industrial purpose; non-woven fabric strainer, folding strainer with paper frame, bag strainer; medium and high efficiency strainer in clean room, refractory glass fibre strainer, activated carbon filter material, all kinds of strainer for painting factory, air shower room and delivery window for clean room and other equipment. JAF products are used more commonly in precision microelectronics industry, advanced painting industry and other industries. The company is specialized in the field of dust-free purification, with abundant experience and profound technical strength in this industry.

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