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Coarse Filter

Detailed Introduction

The coarse filter is mainly made of carbon steel, low alloy steel or stainless steel, and can be denoted by C, M and S respectively. The coarse effect filter is a kind of primary effect filter, which mainly performs coarse filtration on dust particles, thereby reducing the sharing of the medium-efficiency and high-efficiency filter, thereby achieving the desired filtering effect.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

  1. Formed by a high performance fracture resistant silicon-free synthetic fiber group

  2. Using step-by-step encryption multi-layer technology

  3. Compliance with fire classification standards European DIN53438, F1 and US UL900, Class2

  4. High humidity resistance, moisture resistance up to 100% relative humidity

  5. High temperature resistance up to 120 ° C

  6. Roll or sliceable supply


  1. Suitable for coarse dust filtration, air filtration system pre-filtration, air conditioning system return air outlet filtration;

  2. Used in various industrial applications, such as pollution prevention, air conditioning, industrial waste gas, processing of sewage, etc.

  3. Especially suitable for pre-filtration in painting system and painting workshop;

  4. Corrosive materials in chemical production, such as caustic soda, soda ash, dilute sulfuric acid, carbonic acid, acetic acid, etc.

  5. Used for low temperature materials in refrigeration. Such as: liquid methane, liquid ammonia, liquid oxygen and various refrigerants

  6. Processed into a preliminary plate or a primary bag filter according to the customer's needs.

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