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Liquid Filter Bag

Detailed Introduction

Brand JAF Model: 078      Principle: Adsorption method   

Filter material type: fiber

Uses: liquid filtration        Style: bag type   

Performance: precision filtration, high efficiency filtration         

Applicable object: liquid   

Use object properties: weak corrosive, acid and alkali resistant   

Filter Type: Bag            Body Material: Polypropylene PP

Scope of application: chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, automotive, light industry, food

Effective filtration area 0.15 (m²) Dimensions: diameter 180mm length 810mm

Specifications: diameter 180mm length 810mm, 180*430mm diameter φ180mm*810mm

Number of mesh: 12,500 mesh - 50 mesh (mesh / inch)

A key part of the operation of the filter bag type dust collector, usually the cylindrical filter bag is suspended vertically in the dust collector. The fabric and design of the filter bag should be as efficient as possible for efficient filtration, easy dust removal and durability.

Classification of filter bag

  1. According to the shape of the cross section of the filter bag, it is divided into: flat bag (trapezoidal and flat) and round bag (cylindrical).

  2. According to the method of import and export wind, it is divided into: the wind in the lower wind and the wind in the upper air and the direct current type (only for the flat plate)

  3. According to the filtration method of the filter bag, it is divided into: external filter type and internal filter type.

  4. According to the filter bag use environment and temperature resistance program are divided into: normal temperature, medium temperature and high temperature.

    The fiber for the filter material has cotton fiber, wool fiber, synthetic fiber and glass fiber, and the filter material woven by different fibers has different properties. Commonly used filter materials are 208 or 901 polyester flannel, the use temperature is generally not more than 120 ° C, the glass fiber filter bag treated by silicone resin, the use temperature is generally not more than 250 ° C, cotton wool fabric is generally suitable for non-corrosive; temperature is 80 -90 ° C or less dusty gas.

Filt Efficiency:

Product Feature:

  1. The dust removal efficiency is high, and the fine dust with the particle diameter larger than 0.3μm can be collected, and the dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%.

  2. Flexible use, the processing air volume can be hundreds of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour. It can be used as a small unit directly in the room, near the machine tool, or as a large dust room, that is, a "bag room".

  3. The structure is relatively simple, the operation is relatively stable, the initial investment is less (compared with the electrostatic precipitator), and the maintenance is convenient.

    Therefore, bag filters are widely used to eliminate dust pollution, improve the environment, and recycle materials.


Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, automotive, light industry, food

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