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Paint Resistant Net (Painted Mat, Ground Cotton, Fiberglass)

Detailed Introduction

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Special size and specifications can be made according to customer requirements

Filt Efficiency:

The paint-resisting net is composed of high-strength monofilament fiberglass. The structure is incremental, the capture rate is high, the paint mist isolation effect is good, and the compression performance is also good. Even under high compression, the shape will not change. The filter material of the paint network is green and white. The green color is the windward side of the air. It has the characteristics of good elasticity, low pressure loss, good dust-collecting efficiency and low resistance. Therefore, the paint-resistant net is in a specific high temperature environment. Still able to achieve the desired filtering effect.

Product Feature:

Non-woven long glass fibers and hierarchical dense structure are used, which makes it be with high air permeability, low air resistance, good dust collection efficiency for paint mists Over-spray and long service time. The hierarchical dense structure is characterized by high elasticity and low pressure loss. It is characterized by high elasticity and low pressure loss, will not compress, deform and collapse, but rather will maintain high efficiency under certain wind speed, air flow and dust weight, which contributes to the longer service life of the strainer.
With the hierarchical dense filter material structure, the dust of different size can be blocked at layers of different levels, thus rendering more effective accommodation of more dust. Besides, it is with low resistance, thus being a type of in-depth filtering mode. The air inlet is white and the air outlet is green. It is refractory and with heat resistance of up to 170. The flame retardant point conforms to the German industrial standard DIN4102F1. It is highly moisture-proof, up to 100%.


1.Coarse air inlet filtration for general air-conditioning systems

2.Dry coating spray booth, exhaust system of automobile spray booth

3.Treatment of industrial waste gas and processing dust collection

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